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All-Star Break Applesauce - Steinbrenner reactions, Wright holds own at ASG, Mets/Citi hopeful for 2013

Meet the Mets

David Wright represented the Mets well last night, collecting hits in both of his at-bats, running his All-Star hit streak to five games. Oh, and the National League won.

Speaking of All-Star games and the Mets, Bud Selig says the Mets deserve to host one, continuing the speculation that the 2013 game will come to Citi Field. Best Home Run Derby ever.

Scott Boras commented on his two big Met clients, Carlos Beltran and Oliver Perez.

Angel Pagan sat down to speak with Rich Coutinho and Mets Blog.

Here is the buffet line of available second basemen.

Around MLB

The biggest story of the day was definitely the passing of Yankee owner George Steinbrenner. Tributes sprang up everywhere. Of particular note: Joe Posnanski, Bobby Cox, Greg Prince, Fenway Park, and Rush Limbaugh.

Two more things of note about the Boss. The timing of his death may have saved his heirs significant money considering the upcoming changes to the estate tax. And, also, I always respected Steinbrenner's desire to give Doc and Darryl multiple chances.

Not to be outdone by the All-Stars and the Steinbrenner passing, Rob Dibble cowboys up.

Some wonderful play-by-play commentary and Mel Gibson bashing by Denis Leary in 2006.

I thought the Great Gazoo helmets were dead and finished and then they go and re-design them and make them look sort of normal.

DRaysBay explains how wonderful a statistic wOBA is.

And, finally, the Onion compiles its list of unwritten baseball rules.