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Shutout Applesauce - Lincecum dominates Mets, Reyes still hurt, Tatis likely done

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Meet the Mets

Carlos Beltran's return from the DL wasn't enough to get the Mets a run against Tim Lincecum in San Francisco. It had to have been quite an adjustment from St. Lucie pitching though.

The Mets' handling of Jose Reyes is quickly coming back to bite them as the shortstop is still not ready to play. Which do you think is going to happen first, Beltran's first home run or a Reyes left handed swing?

Some more midseason evaluations to pass along for you. Andy Martino overrates Dessens and underrates Bay. It's Mets for Me writes about four of the troubles faced so far.

Some injury news to pass along. Fernando Tatis is probably done after undergoing a significant shoulder surgery. Time to realize the value the Mets got from this guy. Oh and Luis Castillo's return may be next weekend against LA.

The Astros want Jenrry Mejia, Fernando Martinez and Ruben Tejada for Roy Oswalt. Ha.

And now for something completely different: totally irrational Met optimism.

The New York Times has a great post on Brooklyn's Cory Vaughn and Rylan Sandoval who both struggle with diabetes. Here is video of them both hitting home runs.

Around MLB

The shine is starting to wear off as Stephen Strasburg struggles to interact well with the media.

Jason Heyward returned to the Braves lineup last night and had an immediate impact in the field.

The Daily News had some interesting stories from the two recent major Yankee passings. First, Suzyn Waldman had an incredibly close relationship with the Boss. The gender thing aside, aren't journalists supposed to avoid these kinds of things with their sources? Secondly, not a single Yankee, past or present, showed up at Bob Sheppard's funeral.

5% of MLB players found Gary Matthews Jr to be the most overrated player in baseball.

Gregg Doyel is for steroids. Oh wait, Gregg Doyel was against steroids. In the pursuit of seeming edgy, consistency goes by the boards.

The Mariners have cut ties with Chad Cordero and the Marlins have released Armando Benitez. Omar's ears just perked up.

Congratulations to Carlos Zambrano for making it through anger management without taking a bat to someone.

And, finally, Dontrelle Willis is given another chance with the Giant farm system.

Outside MLB

3.9 magnitude earthquake in DC this morning. Weird.