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Willie Harris Again Applesauce - Mets don't support Santana, Lee thinks he's moving, Koosman freed

Meet the Mets

The Mets' offense let down Johan Santana again even as Santana staved off washed-upedness for at least one more game. Oh, and Willie Harris scored the winning run.

Cliff Lee has apparently told his teammates that he has pitched his last game for the Seattle Mariners. Toby Hyde explains why he would give up Wilmer Flores for Lee.

Mack's Mets gives us an outstanding look at Fernando Martinez's history as a prospect.

Let's stop for a minute and look back at how awesome the month of June was.

Congratulations to Jerry Koosman who has now apparently paid back his debt to society.

Ted Berg talks with visiting Mariner bullpen coach Jason Phillips.

SBNation highlights how important Angel Pagan has been in Carlos Beltran's absence.

Around MLB

Chase Utley will have surgery on his thumb and miss 6-8 weeks.

Bobby Valentine was less than impressed with the Marlin organization.

The Missouri Department of Transportation accidentally tore down the Dan Quisenberry tree near Kaufmann Stadium getting Joe Posnanski's gander up.

Arizona has fired manager A.J. Hinch and brought in Kirk Gibson as his replacement.

Ever wonder what is being said in those team meetings on the mound? Here's what Morgan Ensberg used to say.

Cleveland doesn't have Russell Branyan to push around anymore.

And, finally, Elijah Dukes has signed on with the Newark Bears.