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Sandstorm Applesauce - Mets blown out in desert, Santana's unlucky, Ollie as Feliciano

Meet the Mets

Not fun times in Arizona last night for the Mets, getting blown out and shut down by one of MLB's worst teams. But, as this is the Mets' first trip to the state since it passed its infamous immigration law, we can now expect to see all sorts of articles, some joking, but others not (including this one with a straight up distortion in the headline).

Justin Turner became the 141st third baseman in Met history last night.

Johan Santana's peripherals may be down and he may be doing everything with smoke and mirrors right now, but it really won't help unless the Mets start scoring some runs for him.

Oliver Perez as a lefty specialist. Oh good.

Mike Hessman is back in Buffalo and is back to mashing.

Umpire Phil Cuzzi may be getting disciplined by the league.

John Sickels has an awesome piece on R.A. Dickey's ulnar collateral ligament-less path through the minor leagues and into the Met starting rotation.

Around MLB

Bobby Cox and Jonny Venters have been suspend by MLB for throwing at Prince Fielder.

Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter is baseball's most marketable player according to a survey of "baseball's movers and shakers"

Willy Mo Pena no longer will play in Bridgeport as he has been picked up by the Padres' system. Speaking of former Met farmhands, Jason Isringhausen is going to audition for Cincinnati.

Kansas City leading the league in hitting is a very good example of why batting average is not as important as it's made out to be.

The Rays have signed minor league advisor Rocco Baldelli to actually play baseball.

And, finally, Jeremy Greenhouse has a pretty neat chart on the effect of DL time on fastball velocity.