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Despairing Applesauce - Mets drop series in Arizona, Cora flips out, chemistry to blame

Meet the Mets


It was fun while it lasted. The competitive meaningful games were a pleasant surprise, but it may be time to recognize this as a .500 team with significant hopes for the future. Alex Cora, on the other hand, doesn't want to wait and does his own Captain Red Ass impersonation

Predictably, the Mets have come to terms with Chad Cordero

Why is Rod Barajas still playing when the Mets have got Blanco playing so well?

Ramon Ortiz had a strong start for Buffalo last night, still sporting a 5+ ERA. I'm pretty excited though about Cory Vaughn.

Clearly, the problem with the Mets during this slide is the team's chemistry.

Around MLB

The Phillies are showing significant interest in Roy Oswalt and seem to be willing to part with Jayson Werth as part of the deal. The Astros, however, seem to be wishing for the moon for Oswalt.

Washington has signed Cuban pitcher Yuneski Maya, a player the Mets had shown interest in.

Lou Piniella can't take it anymore.

Jason Kendall's bat speaks.

Outside Baseball

The New York Times has a feature on the world's greatest horseshoe pitcher who gets ringers 90% of the time.

Behind the Net uses statistics to calculate the most ironic neighborhoods in the country.