Met fans fed up with losing

Here's the thing; the Mets are playing AA ball in the Majors. I watched Pelfrey throw 51 pitches in the 1st inning Monday giving up 4 runs! Perhaps the biggest hurdle they have yet to overcome since 2006 is the lack of respect they get around the league. Struggling teams want to play the Mets. This Diamondback series is a great example of the pitifully play. Then they try to cover up their lack of performance with fake injuries to the point where the league launched an investigation into Oliver Perez's fake injury. This team underachieves because nobody lights a fire under their sorry asses. The Wilpons don't give a crap about a championship, that is why the Mets have pitchers no one else wants, and good players come to the Mets and underachieve because the organization DOES NOT DEMAND performance like the Yankees do. They piss me off so much,it's about time something is done to bring Met fans a championship for a change!

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