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Brooms Applesauce - Mets swept out of desert, Francoeur trade possible, Perez is back

Meet the Mets

I feel like this is all deja vu. The Mets get swept by a terrible team. Jerry Manuel is on the hot seat again. And Oliver Perez is helping the Mets show that they just don't care anymore

Someone is interested in Jeff Francoeur. I'll believe it when I see it, but maybe they can be convinced to take a $12 million left handed specialist.

Since Manuel's job is in jeopardy, might as well look at how the manager in waiting is doing.

Well, in good news, at least Carlos Beltran says he's not rusty.

The Mets will keep their AAA team in Buffalo for at least another two years.

New York is also taking a serious look at Octavio Dotel and Scott Downs.

Will Davidian goes all Jose Valentin on Alex Cora.

More Hardball heaps praise on Josh Thole.

Around MLB

I'm not even sure it's relevant anymore, but Billy Wagner blew a save and the Braves fell to the Padres in 12

Are we seeing a Hall of Fame catcher in Brian McCann?

All of a sudden Lastings Milledge has learned how to be a consistent hitter.

Dodger hitting coach and de facto Torre replacement Don Mattingly is still learning the ropes, but so are the umpires, apparently.

Fresh off Tommy John surger, Jordan Zimmermann is taking names.

Carl Crawford + testicular contusion = day to day.

Pedro is officially out for 2010, but may be back in 2011.

Bob Uecker is back tomorrow in the Brewer broadcasting booth.