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LA Freeze Applesauce - Mets drop series opener, David Wright and Willie Mays, Cordero to minors

Meet the Mets

Ugh. All is lost. Woe is me. But somehow, it's all Jerry Manuel's fault for the team to stop hitting. Let's all yell and rant about this team being sluggish.

Real news about Met baseball is too depressing, let's look at Met fiction.

Although, maybe not all is lost as Fernando Nieve is DFA'd.

David Wright hearts Willie Mays.

Brian Joura talks about Francoeur as among the all-time most hated Met outfielders, putting him with Jeromy Burnitz who I inexplicably did not mind.

Chad Cordero signing is official and he's going to play in the minors for a while.

RA Dickey gets the FanGraphs treatment.

Around MLB

The Phillies have fired hitting coach Milt Thompson.

I haven't read it yet, but SI has a big story on Bobby Cox. Let me know whether it's good.

Stephen Strasburg yells at the fans and beats their team.

Timo Perez signs with the Phillies, will cure the lineup woes.

Ty Wigginton justifiably blew up at the first base ump.

The Negro League museum needs some money. Pony up.

George Steinbrenner will now look down up the Yankees from a creepy from the bleachers.

Outside MLB

An ode to sportswriting career dreams.