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Major League Drought - Mets continue to not hit, Strawberry speaks, garbage trade, Maine done

Meet the Mets

It's amazing how lackluster and crappy a team can look when they are not hitting. It can cause Darryl Strawberry to open his mouth again. And Wally Backman to close his mouth. But, it can also overshadow some impressive, and much-needed pitching performances. The good news is that this team will probably hit again soon. The bad news is that we don't know when.

It's always a bad sign when the GM gives his coaches a vote of confidence. It's even worse when he doesn't.

The Jeff Francouer/Luis Castillo/Oliver Perez deal to Kansas City makes too much sense on too many levels to not happen.

Poor John Maine.

Josh Thole can be the Met lineup's savior.

Around MLB

Not only are the Braves among the hottest teams in baseball, they have the pitching prospects to stick around for a while or to make a run at marquee names during the trade deadline.

Bobby Valentine wants to replace Lou Piniella in Chicago. Good luck with that Bobby.

Some weird foul ball injuries this weekend. Besides the Dodgers' Carlos Monasterios there was also Eugenio Velez.

I never thought I'd be including Gary Matthews Jr. in another Applesauce, but the guy hits well in Triple-A and opts out of his contract.

And, finally, get ready for the next blogtastic HOF push for Jeff Bagwell.