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Morale Crushing Applesauce - Mets fall after big comeback, Bay not healing, Oswalt close to Phillies

Meet the Mets

You may be able to take some solace from the fact that the Mets scored a bunch of runs as part of a major comeback, but it would be bittersweet at best and straight up infuriating at worst

As long as we continue having to watch Luis Castillo and Jeff Francoeur up in key at bats, we can't expect too much greatness

Jason Bay may be close to some DL time as his concussion has not improved greatly. Manuel has not called him out yet for being a wuss, so that's something. Baby steps.

Fernando Nieve gets to remain in the Met organization.

The Wall Street Journal examined what may be behind the rising SNY ratings and the shrinking Shi&^* Field attendance numbers.

Wally is happy any time that his picture in the newspaper is not a mugshot

Filip Bondy talks some sense in encouraging the Mets to basically stand pat through the trading deadline. I would tend to agree with Ted Berg, however, that with the hot market for elite relief pitching, maybe the Mets should dangle Pedro Feliciano out there.

Around MLB

Roy Oswalt to the Phillies is apparently a done deal with the two teams waiting for the pitcher's approval. FanGraphs takes a look at the latest proposed Ruben Amaro masterpiece

While he may or may not be included in the Oswalt trade, Phillie top prospect Domonic Brown made his debut last night.

On the totally opposite side of the talent spectrum, the Dodgers have acquired Scott Podsednik from the Royals.

It looks like Stephen Strasburg will be forced to miss another start. After getting booed by the Nationals' fans for being Strasburg's replacement, Miguel Batista has gotten into a verbal spat with Miss Iowa. Only way to understand the story is to read.

Ben Sheets is done for the year.

Twinkie Town writes a wonderful piece about the problems with sports journalism.

And, finally, Ted Berg talks with Brian Bannister about how statistics have improved his pitching. Can this guy just retire and become the Met GM already?