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Ace Dickey Applesauce - Knuckleball baffles Cards, Met HOFers praised, Bay's opp. field problem

Meet the Mets

RA Dickey continues to be Omar Minaya's 2010 trash heap surprise savior and the Mets bounced back to take the series from the Cardinals. One reason for Dickey's amazing success: his incredibly low walk rate.

Jeff Francoeur may not be traded before tomorrow but that doesn't mean that he won't stay past August.

What was up with David Wright's creamsicle cleats in the All-Star game?

As Doc and Darryl enter the Met Hall of Fame some of their rival peers gushed over how good the two were.

I may have misinterpreted Ted Berg's column suggesting a Feliciano trade. I still think it's a good idea though.

Jason Bay is hitting too many fly balls to right field.

And, finally, my favorite link of the year: Ron Artest rapping about the Mets.

Around MLB

Roy Oswalt is officially on the Phillies as the veteran right hander agrees to the trade. Don't worry Met fans, our team has Doc Gooden going this Sunday. Phillies Nation is ecstatic. Hey, remember when there was at least one sucker who said that he would trade Strasburg for Oswalt? Drayton McClane wishes that guy was still a GM.

Oswalt wasn't the only player moved in a busy transaction day yesterday. Matt Capps to the Twins. Jorge Cantu to the Rangers. Miguel Tejada to the Padres. And Buck Showalter to the Orioles, finally.

Andruw Jones came really close to hitting Chicago mayor Richard Daley with a thrown bat.