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HBP Or No HBP Applesauce - Pelfrey not in All-Star form, Mets fall behind Lee chase, struggle with debt

Meet the Mets

Yesterday's game was a rough one and certainly a unique way to blow a game, but it still has nothing on K-Rod's blown save over the weekend. One more piece of artwork to enjoy after this weekend.

At least Jerry seems to grasp the idea that a starting pitcher is more valuable than bullpen help. But, who needs additional bullpen arms when we've got Brian Bruney? These personnel decisions are tough for Jerry because his guidebook has provided no help on them.

The last word on bullpen stuff comes from Bobby Ojeda.

Any changes to the roster may be difficult for the Mets due to the rumored profitability problems faced by the Wilpons.

SNY did not allow Ron Darling to go to FOX for the Saturday broadcast.

John Sickels reminds us what could have been with Lastings Milledge.

John Strubel takes a look back at the marathon 1985 Met-Brave game. Here's part 2.

Around MLB

The Twins have apparently offered their top two prospects to the Mariners for Cliff Lee. That's probably going to be hard for the Mets to top.

Bill Baer points out once again how bad that Ryan Howard contract is.

The Marlins continue to need bullpen help, not finding it with Scott Strickland. Could Octavio Dotel be the answer?

Willy Taveras to the Braves system.

Congratulations to all the 2010 All-Stars for earning a little bit more money. Congrats also to Omar Infante and Ty Wigginton for making it in response to the new re-substitution rule change.

Dontrelle Willis was DFA'd for the second time this season, continuing his tragic fall from stardom.

Geoff Jenkin has signed with the Brewers and retired.

Yoda has been signed to the San Diego bullpen.