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Arroyo Applesauce - Mets flail against Reds, Thole time, Reyes pain continues, Wright as hero

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Meet the Mets

It seems that you can pretty much count Bronson Arroyo for a dominating performance every time up against the Mets and the only piece of advice I can give is maybe to warm up by hitting against a wiffleball pitcher. But, remember when the Mets could have gotten Arroyo and Brandon Phillips? But, it's clear why the Mets lost this game, the Reds have more power because they've hit more home runs this season.

John Harper makes an interesting case for increased Josh Thole time.

This is a worrying article: Jose Reyes is still not sure why his side hurts.

Check out Ted Berg's post on David Wright. The guy is fulfilling wishes, hitting home runs, and basically being awesome.

Meanwhile, Pat Misch and Lucas Duda are tearing it up down in Buffalo.

Kerel Cooper talks about a recent comparison between Mets and Phillies tickets in the secondary ticket price market. 

The Mets like the idea of Ted Lilly

Around MLB

With the Phillie starting rotation starting to show signs of crumbling, Ruben Amaro seems interested in Ben Sheets.

Josh Johnson has surged into the ML's top ERA spot with a 1.70.

The Dodgers have cut Timo Perez who apparently was still playing baseball. How about that.

Armando Galarraga has been demoted to Triple-A.

Cliff Lee to the Twins may not be as done as it first appeared with the Texas Rangers entering the bidding.

Lou Piniella will not jump off the John Hancock Building.

It looks like Jake Peavy is done for the year.

In case you were curious, FanGraphs gives us the worst relief outings since 2002.

And, finally, two awesome videos to pass along. First, Kevin Youkilis' fans have gone negative against All-Star competition Nick Swisher. Second, a cartoon reenactment of a lot of familiar conversations.