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Back to Baseball Applesauce - Mets face division rivals, Chipper's possible retirement tour, Oswalt and Gregg

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Meet the Mets

It's hard to downplay the importance of this weekend's series with the Braves for the Mets, but fortunately they have the LeBron James story to shade them from the blistering spotlight for a little while. Metsradamus connects the two stories in his normal humorous fashion

The Mets continue to show interest in some arms to bolster the pitching staff. While there hadn't been much buzz about him before, the Mets are apparently still scouting Roy Oswalt. They are also kicking the tires on Toronto reliever Kevin Gregg. Dan Stack emphasizes again how much the Mets need someone like Cliff Lee (who very well might be headed to the Yankees). 

As the Braves come to town and Chipper Jones' retirement is fast approaching, would it be right for Met fans to giving Larry a standing ovation

Greg Prince takes a look at what happened to Met managers after they left New York.

Tsuyoshi Shinjo shows style, steals home. Also in that video, look how he somehow makes the safe motion while sliding.

The Mets have signed two young Venezuelan bats.

Around MLB

Brian Schneider hits a walk-off home run for the reeling and whining Phillies who are looking to deal Jayson Werth.

Hanley Ramirez is in at the Home Run Derby.

Joey Votto and Nick Swisher are your last men into the All-Star Game, that is until someone else bails.

Carlos Delgado says he'll be ready to play sometime this month and would be willing to accept a minor league assignment.

One team who may be interested in Delgado, the Angels, are getting warnings that there may be riots when they visit Oakland.

Royals Review asks the good question: should you root for the poorly managed team to win?

Outside MLB

Of course this space has to go to LeBron. Two things of note that I wanted to pass along about him. First, if you haven't already seen it, you need to read Cavs' owner Dan Gilbert's response to James' desertion. Secondly, you must also read Joe Posnanski's tale of woe as a Cleveland fan.