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Future Fail Applesauce - Mets locked into major 2011 contracts, Cora talks to Bowden, Wak sacked

Meet the Mets

With the Mets getting an off-day yesterday, it gave the Met blogosphere a chance to look forward to next year and cringe. The Mets already have $120 million in salary commitments for 2011, but is that the failure of ownership or management

In case you haven't gotten depressed enough thinking of the future, we have Sean Green to look forward to.

Alex Cora tells Jim Bowden that the Mets should be honest with the fans: they're starting a youth movement.

The war of words between two candidates for Mets GM intensifies as Howard Megdal writes that Omar Minaya is consistently slow with his fixes. Minaya responded with an attack ad.

Met fan James Falzon has filed a lawsuit against the team and a maple bat maker for the gruesome injuries he suffered after getting hit by the splinters during a 2007 Luis Castillo at bat.

Around MLB

Braves rookie pitcher Mike Minor made a positive first impression, but Kyle Farnsworth ruined it for Atlanta.

Funny how Cole Hamels isn't so much the target of irrational Philly hatred anymore.

The Nationals/Expos intend to honor Andre Dawson at a pre-game ceremony featuring Gary Carter. Neither player actually played in Washington.

The Mariners fired their manager, turned a triple play, and beat the Athletics. Joe Posnanski thinks that the pre-season Mariner hype was an example of groupthink

Jim Edmonds to Cincinnati.

Remember how steroid crazy MLB was just 9 years ago?