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Another Shutout Win Applesauce - Mets win without Beltran, Francoeur trade request, Bay wants to play

Meet the Mets

Carlos Beltran sat last night, inspiring the Mets to play hard and get a win against one of the National League's elite pitchers. Beltran also cleared waivers, making the clubhouse cancer available for any team. That might be a little over the top in the sarcasm. The clubhouse's real cancer, inept and barely professional ballplayer Jeff Francoeur, says he would like a trade to a team where he will play everyday. Bridgeport has not returned Omar's calls. I shouldn't say that either because he might not be able to beat out Tike Redman in that outfield.

Fortunately for the Mets they didn't fall behind, because Alex Cora says that they don't know how to "bounce back"

Jason Bay insists that he is coming back sometime this year. Knowing the Mets, this is true, but he will be back on the DL within a week.

Tom Glavine Pat Misch will likely get the Saturday start against the Phillies.

Jose Reyes seems to have some problems focusing on every pitch while in the field.

Johan Santana's rape accuser is taking her case to a civil court.

Robert Knapel talks with Jeurys Familia and comes away impressed by the kid's work ethic.

Our very own Rob Castellano was featured in an article about the NYPL-leading Brooklyn Cyclones over at Fangraphs.

One more thing, the headline for this article in my Google Reader was Ex-Met's niece reportedly shoots girlfriend. It's an article about Shawon Dunston. Dunston was a Met for HALF A SEASON. I can understand Lenny Dykstra always being referred to as a former Met, but Shawon Dunston?

Around MLB

The Braves stun the Astros, but may lose Chipper for a long time. More entertaining than baseball may have been the death of chivalry that occurred in the stands.

The Braves have gotten enormous production out of their catchers this season.

Stephen Strasburg put up his first real turd of his MLB career.

The NL Central race looks to be one to start paying real attention to. The Reds and Cardinals do not like each other, as evidenced by the bench-clearing fight before the start of the bottom of the first inning. During that fight, Johnny Cueto went all kung fu on St. Louis.

Even the firing of an NL Central pitching coach, in Pittsburgh nonetheless, gets intriguing.

And, finally, Orlando El Duque Hernandez is trying to make a comeback in the GCL.