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K-Rod Day 2 Applesauce - Met closer yelled at girlfriend, father came to her defense, Santana CG

Meet the Mets

More details are coming out surrounding Wednesday night's K-Rod assault fiasco and they're not exactly flattering. The New York Post reports (so take it with a grain of salt) that the assault victim was coming to the defense of his daughter, Rodriguez's girlfriend and mother of his two twin children, who was getting yelled at by Rodriguez. Since that night, Rodriguez has been released from custody, only to be suspended by the Mets for two games. The Queens prosecutor handling the case will emphasize Rodriguez's previous violent behavior. Some of that behavior could have been covered up by the various franchises and teammates he's had over the years.

Fortunately, the Mets had Johan Santana there to take some of the attention back to the field

The Mets called up Ryota Igarashi to fill Rodriguez's roster spot, costing the Japanese reliever $300 in cab fare from Scranton, PA.

Rod Barajas has started his rehab. There was much rejoicing.

Around MLB

The Phillies showed their grittiness and manliness by coming back big against the Dodgers. 8-run big. 

Bad news for those of us rooting for the Braves against the Phils. Atlanta is getting more injured and Philadelphia is getting healthier. Not to mention that we have to watch Shane Victorino tonight.

Rob Dibble one ups Keith Hernandez in his disdain for women in baseball stadiums.

Bryce Harper's college coach believes that he was the greatest amateur baseball player in history.

And, finally, the Houston couple made famous by the uncaught foul ball has broken up.

Outside MLB

Looks as though Met fans aren't the only ones wishing to rewrite Philadelphia recent successes. The NHL mistakenly engraved the Washington Capitals' name on the Prince of Wales trophy, the trophy that goes to the winner of the Eastern Conference.