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Phillies 4, Mets 0: Misch Squished By Defense, Halladay Dominates Offense

Mets offense: Just 6-33 with no walks in eight innings against Roy Halladay, the best pitcher on the planet, and one inning against Ryan Madson, that guy who broke his foot kicking a chair.

Mets defense: Three heinous errors, leading to three unearned runs.

Mets pitching: Pat Misch didn't embarrass himself, even if he failed to miss many bats. His final line was six innings, eight hits, two strikeouts and two walks (one intentional). Bobby Parnell, Elmer Dessens and "Jailhouse Rod" each threw a scoreless inning of relief.

Here is a video representation of tonight's waste of time game, featuring Kevin McAllister as the Phillies, the tarantula as the Mets, and Marv as Met fans.