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Phillie Hangover Applesauce - Mets drop series, have someone light themselves on fire

Meet the Mets

Even without the Phillies playing Chase Utley and Ryan Howard, the Mets couldn't come up with the offense to top Philadelphia. I'm pretty sure that the solution involves either an attitude change or Rod Barajas. Getting guys on base would just be icing on the cake.

Speaking of that Anthony McCarron article, Brian Mangan gives a shout out to Amazin' Avenue while worrying what it means that Michael Baron's MetsBlog is such a powerful force

The Mets are planning to start negotiations on a Jose Reyes contract extension during the off-season. He will likely have a new double play partner as Luis Castillo wants out.

I think that this will probably be the last day of K-Rod links. So, here goes. The Mets re-activated a penitent and remorseful Rodriguez. Despite this incident and the unbelievably terrible contract, Omar has no regrets about signing the closer.

Tonight is the deadline for signing draft picks and, as of this morning, the Mets still have not come to terms with Matt Harvey. Toby Hyde thinks something will get done before tonight.

Savannah hosted the perfect metaphor for the Mets since 2007.

Around MLB

Chipper Jones plans to return in 2011. 

Chase Utley will begin his rehab assignment.

Joe Posnanski writes about MLB's Heart & Hustle Award and bemoans Derek Jeter's getting shut out from it.

Kevin Slowey returned from injury to throw no-hit ball into the 7th when he was pulled by the incredibly unpopular Ron Gardenhire.

Fun with Melky Cabrera and Photoshop.

A-Rod gets skewered by Mark Feinsand and a lack of context.

If you ever catch yourself thinking how spoiled and pampered MLB players are, remember that they were probably once minor leaguers where they weren't so lucky.