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Matt Harvey Signs

No details have escaped yet, but Keith Law has just reported via Twitter that Matt Harvey has signed with the Mets. No word on whether Matt Harvery has signed, however.

I'll post the details here as soon as we find out, but it's a necessary move. As deep as next year's draft is, it is significant to lose a year of development time from a player. For those who have forgotten, you can read my scouting report on Harvey here.

No word yet on Greg Peavey or any of the other draftees, but news will continue to trickle in all night.

UPDATE: Jon Heyman says the deal is for just over $2.5 million. He would know.

UPDATE: Keith Law confirms that the bonus is $2.525 million. Harvey had supposedly been asking for more, but in next year's draft there was no guarantee that he would be selected in the top 20 with no leverage, considering other viable alternatives and his own contract demands. He stood a lot to lose.

UPDATE: The Columbian reported that sixth-rounder Greg Peavey signed with the Mets a little more than an hour before the deadline. Terms have not yet been disclosed.

UPDATE: Keith Law reports that Peavey's bonus is $200,000.