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The Gift that Keeps Giving Applesauce - Rodriguez has surgery on thumb, Harvey signs, wither youth movement

Meet the Mets

Just when I thought it would be safe to stop talking about K-Rod, something new and truly remarkable happens to draw us back in. That's right, Francisco Rodriguez injured himself in that fight with his girlfriend's dad and requires season ending surgery on his thumb. All in all, this is probably good news for the Mets, keeping him from a vested option and possibly giving them room to void the entire deal. Voiding the deal is good news not just for the karmic value. Unfortunately, doing so sounds pretty hard.

Beyond a meaningless victory over the Astros last night, the Mets were able to do something positive, signing their first round pick Matt Harvey for what Toby Hyde thinks is a fair contract

Fans and bloggers like Ed Ryan are ready for the Mets to fully embrace the youth movement. Unfortunately, we're still stuck with a management team that thinks it's a good idea to give Luis Castillo more at-bats.

Howard Megdal writes that Jeff Francoeur is a worse baseball player than Marvelous Marv, but is a significantly more gifted media personality.

Ted Berg got rejected by Timo Perez for an interview.

And, finally, a Brooklyn judge has ordered the Mets to allow their kosher food dealer to sell hot dogs on Fridays and Saturdays.

Around MLB

The big name draft pick, Bryce Harper got signed by the Nationals for close to $10 million. What's really stunning here, however, is the amount of control Scott Boras  now has over the National franchise.

In other draft pick news, the Braves decided to not sign their pick, Zach Alvord, so that they could afford to go after Aramis Ramirez.

On the field, Atlanta continues their miraculous season.

And, also, two old people have decided to return to professional baseball. Jose Canseco will DH for some team in Texas and Bill "Spaceman" Lee will pitch for Brockton.