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CG Loss Applesauce - Santana loses in Houston, Mets place K-Rod on disqualified list, Mejia to return

Meet the Mets

Nelson Figueroa got some measure of revenge last night in topping his former team and their ace starter. Nevertheless, the real news continues to be made off the field.

The Mets have taken the first steps towards an ugly parting with Francisco Rodriguez, putting him on the disqualified list and making his contract non-guaranteed. The team once again called up Ryota Igarashi to replace Rodriguez on the roster. Since the Mets need a "closer" so badly, they might as well look at Chad Cordero, right?

Meanwhile, in another story that I thought would have died by now, the Mets are planning to call up Jenrry Mejia during the September roster expansions. No word on what his role would be. Ted Berg talked with Mejia for the Baseball Show.

In another amazing example of Met minor league development, Fernando Martinez is still here, platooning, and Patrick Flood can't even understand why he's still a "prospect."

Jon Niese is good.

Howard Megdal uses a lot of sarcasm to shame the David Wright haters. One person who's not a hater is Francisco Cervelli who was seen using Wright's glove while filling in for Alex Rodriguez at third.

Pedro Feliciano and the Mets will wait until the off-season to start contract talks.

Around MLB

Famous Giant right fielder Bobby Thomson passed away last yesterday. Thomson hit the shot heard round the world, one of baseball's greatest home runs. Thomson was 86.

With Chase Utley back in the Philadelphia lineup, the Phillies dominated the Giants and took the lead in the NL Wild Card chase. If you need MORE reasons to hate the Phillies, here are photos from Shane Victorino's fashion show.

Alex Cora signed a minor league deal with the Texas Rangers.

Carlos Delgado hurt his OTHER hip and is out for a week.

All that talk about Aramis Ramirez and the Braves? Smoke without a fire.