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Flu Inducing Applesauce - Mets win, Wright ill, MLBPA fires back, three catcher platoon

Meet the Mets

The Mets won a game and guaranteed themselves at least a split with Houston, but they will probably have to do so without a vomiting David Wright. During the game, Ruben Tejada managed to avoid Jason Phillips status.

As expected, the MLBPA has fired back at the Mets for the K-Rod contract situation. Ted Berg serves up some K-Rod jokes if you need to be cheered up some.

The Mets plan to carry 3 catchers on the roster with Rod Barajas coming back. If you're keeping score that's 3 catchers and one bullpen pitcher who doesn't pitch. It's just another one of a hundred reasons that the Mets continue to make us miserable. With the Mets being as irrelevant as ever, what is a Met blog to do?

Congratulations to Dillon Gee who has now set the Buffalo Bison record for strikeouts in a season. Can he stop pitching in AAA now?

Joe Janish looks at some past and present managers to probably counter James' anti-Backman argument. Speaking of potential Met managers, Tim Teufel is probably not as good an interview as Wally.

I should probably subscribe to Fire Wayne Hagin.

Around MLB

Having never actually wanted Aramis Ramirez, the Braves got the Cubs' other good player, Derrek Lee for 3 pitching prospects.

The Nationals have promoted top catching prospect and Matt Capps trade piece Wilson Ramos.

Ozzie Guillen fires back at his critics and sounds like he wishes he managed in the National League.

Fresh off retirement, Jose Canseco hit a home run.

Ramon Ortiz, unable to get a shot at the majors with the Mets, somehow thinks he'll be able to make it with Tampa.

And, finally, a new report suggests that Lou Gehrig may have not had Lou Gehrig's disease.