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Astros 3, Mets 2: Houston Solves The Misch-tery Of Pat

Pat Misch smoke-and-mirrored the Astros through six innings tonight, allowing one hit and no runs with just one strikeout. He received his comeuppance in the seventh inning, giving up singles to Angel Sanchez and Hunter Pence, then a three-run homer to Carlos Lee. Factor in another putrid showing from the Mets' offense (3-for-30 with two walks) and that's your ballgame.

Three runs in six innings from Misch is more than acceptable. That's basically what serviceable pitcher Jon Garland has done for his career. Unfortunately it seems that Misch isn't capable of sustaining that level of performance. He has struck out only three batters in his twelve MLB innings this season, with a swinging strike rate of 2.9% (league average is 8.4%). Small sample size, yes, but it is consistent with his MLB track record and generally underwhelming stuff. I'll be rooting for him, regardless, while being realistic about his future with the ballclub.

I have nothing insightful to add about the lineup's struggles.

Some other random observations from this game:

  • Pence's at-bat music is "California Gurls" by Katy Perry. According to this video, it is part of a team-wide trend toward cheesy pop songs as theme music. Chris Johnson's song is "Milkshake" by Kelis and Geoff Blum's is "Bulletproof" by La Roux. No word if Michael Bourn has Bieber Fever.
  • Things really fell apart once Carlos Beltran entered the game prior to the bottom of the seventh, right? Coincidence? No! (Note: If you are reading Amazin' Avenue for the first time, the previous sentences are sarcastic.)
  • Respect to Keith Miller, but this might be the worst SNY trivia question ever:



    Case of beer to anyone who got that without looking it up. 
  • Paging Ted Berg -- the Astros have a Taco Bell sauce race, their version of the sausage race in Milwaukee or the president race in Washington. GKK (Gary, Keith and Kevin -- happy 50th birthday Ron!) did not approve, and Kevin requested Randall Simon's presence. The race featured a royal rumble just before the finish line:


    Notice Razor Shines on the top step of the dugout, observing intently.

    Gary Cohen: "This is the worst thing I've ever seen."

    Update: Via a TedQuarters post from April, the race is called the "Taco Bell Saucy Sprint".
  • Bored with the game? Stop by the Minute Maid Park barber/referee for a shave and a haircut.


    Is that John Kruk?

The Mets split the four game series this week and head to Pittsburgh for a weekend set with the Pirates. It's a Francoeur vs. Milledge showdown. Friday night's pitching matchup is Mike Pelfrey vs. Jeff Karstens.

Unintentionally sexual quote of the game: "The mantra is, make the pitcher get it up." -- Keith Hernandez

Poem by Howard Megdal

Misch baffled for six, absent brute force
But his night came undone on a blast from The Horse

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Win Probability Added


Big winners: Ryota Igarashi +7.8%, Chris Carter +5.2%
Big losers: Pat Misch (as pitcher) -24.7%, Luis Castillo -13.3%
Teh aw3s0mest play: Chris Carter RBI single +10.1%
Teh sux0rest play: Carlos Lee three-run home run +41.8%
Total pitcher WPA: -17.8%
Total batter WPA: -32.2%
GWRBI!: Carlos Lee

Game Thread Roll Call

Nice job by jdon; his effort in the game thread embiggens us all.

Num Name # of Posts
1 jdon 72
2 NetsMets4Life 62
3 fxcarden 56
4 BrockRocks 54
5 Michkin 51
6 James Kannengieser 36
7 Kepler 27
8 Syler 23
9 lstorie1971 23
10 Gina 22