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Late Morning Applesauce - Mets stand pat at deadline, fall to Arizona, Wilpons sued over Madoff, protests at Citi

Meet the Mets

Despite the fact that the Diamondbacks are not good and the overwhelming 1986 mojo, the Mets managed to drop the series and are now 5-12 since the All Star Break. But, Mets management decided to stand pat at the trading deadline, meaning they must think they are the perfect team. Patrick Flood just wants to know WHO it is making these decisions.

The series with the Diamondbacks apparently means the immigration debate can come to NYC.

I guess you can't get too worked up about the Mets not making a trade when all they have to offer is Oliver Perez. At least, though, they got rid of Mike Jacobs and they didn't get bogged down with Octavio Dotel's contract.

SNY found a pro-soccer/Duke basketball player flopping around Citi Field.

The Wilpon/Madoff debacle isn't over yet.

Around MLB

Roy Oswalt and the Phillies did not have a great weekend in Washington, I'm sure leaving Bob Carpenter and Rob Dibble giddy as schoolgirls. Not only that, but Ryan Howard hurt his ankle and got a wedgie.

The Braves decided to acquire some people too who are upgrades, but still not very good.

National GM Mike Rizzo did not receive any offers worthy of Adam Dunn.

Is there a way to statistically test Jose Canseco's claims of being a steroid supplier? JC Bradbury isn't buying it.

Tampa reliever Grant Balfour was injured after roughhousing with his pitching coach. Wow.

Ozzie Guillen speaking the truth or being inflammatory or maybe both; I can't really make up my mind.

The Wall Street Journal asks why pitchers are never hired to become managers.

Baseball-Reference presents the world's most ridiculously named statistic: RE24/boLI.

Outside MLB

A Mo Vaughn sighting!