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Pathetic Applesauce - Mets offense lackluster, Gee still not ready, Mejia looking like he is

Meet the Mets

With the dream of a series win in Houston gone after one Carlos Lee swing, all that was left for the Mets was three catchers, Jeff Francoeur, Luis Castillo, and a manager wondering why the Met offense is pathetic. Of course, Jerry shouldn't be the last word in evaluating the Met hitters. Patrick Flood puts it quite simply: Jose Reyes is the only hitter on this team doing ANYTHING. Metsradamus adds his take as well.

Dillon Gee's setting of Buffalo's strikeout record got a fair amount of attention yesterday, but Toby Hyde still isn't convinced the guy is ready for MLB.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Jenrry Mejia: 7 innings, 1 hit, 8 strikeouts.

We've now reached the comedy phase of the Francisco Rodriguez story. The Mets have added increased security to watch their players. And ESPN NY has put together a handy training video for whoever gets anointed the next closer.

Now that the 2010 MLB draft has finished up and we know where everyone signed and for how much, we've learned that the Mets once again de-emphasized the draft in their budget

Adam Rubin puts a spotlight on Savannah's Matt den Dekker, a defensive wiz in center field.

What will the market for RA Dickey look like next year?

Around MLB

Did you hear that Roger Clemens got indicted? Joe Posnanski sees some similarity in this whole saga to the Mike Piazza bat incident.

The Nationals' Josh Willingham will have season-ending surgery on his knee.

The Royals failed to sell 10,000 tickets for last night's Kansas City-Cleveland game. Meanwhile, Philadelphia enjoyed its 100th consecutive sellout.

The McCourt divorce saga gets weirder and weirder. In other Dodger news, Vin Scully does not know what a mullet is.

Tom Verducci thinks that Josh Hamilton is MLB's best player. Joe Posnanski does not.