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Rod's Dream Team Applesauce - Barajas claimed by Dodgers, Mets riled up by HoJo, F! hurt

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Meet the Mets

The Mets' latest three catcher plan did not survive the weekend, as Rod Barajas was claimed off waivers by the Dodgers and will now start in LA. Apparently, one Met joked that he wants to join Barajas. Of course, they don't realize how messed up the Dodgers are that they need Rod Barajas to start at catcher.

HoJo busted up some bats and yelled at his team and the Mets managed to get some hits with the remaining bats, but not for Johan Santana, of course.

Fernando Martinez is hurt again.

A brief glimpse into the life of Oliver Perez from the New York Times. It involves ice cream and Jerry Manuel's hatred.

The Mets will probably look to limit Jon Niese's innings and shut him down sometime soon.

And, the best news of the week is that SNY is going to start showing limited bits of old Kiner's Korner episodes, whatever hasn't been destroyed.

Around MLB

Some big injury news from around the NL East. First, Stephen Strasburg was injured during his start against the Phillies, the one game in which the Nats won. Second, the Marlins Ricky Nolasco may have a torn meniscus. And, third, Ryan Howard is back.

The Giants claimed Cody Ross and the Marlins let him go, getting nothing.

Even though Billy Wagner's contract has vested for next year, he insists that he's retiring.

Lou Piniella retired.

Vin Scully has decided to return for another year in the Dodger booth, proving again that Marty Brennaman made a good career move by sticking with Cincinnati

Mike Hampton is trying another comeback, this time with the Arizona organization.

Matt Stairs is now your pinch hitting home run king.

The Pirates managed a legitimate $15 million profit in 2007.

Las Vegas's mayor says that his city has been labeled an American League city and that plans for a stadium are in the works.

And, finally, this.

Outside MLB

Chinese drivers trying to reach Beijing from Tibet are faced with a 9 day traffic jam.