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Obie Applesauce - Gee gets SNY spotlight, what the 2011 Mets need to fix, Dickey's charity work

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Meet the Mets

RA Dickey got a lot of press during this latest of Met off-days. Of particular note is the Daily News spotlight on his Latin American charity work.

Without MLB to broadcast, SNY turned to Dillon Gee and the Buffalo Bisons. Toby Hyde breaks down what he continues to see with Gee. Speaking of Met minor league pitchers, Mark Cohoon talked with Ted Berg.

Joe Janish presents the argument for Ken Oberkfell, but doesn't buy it.

Would we be happy with Josh Thole as a young Jason Kendall?

Howard Megdal does a very good job of presenting all the issues for the 2011 Mets.

Do you have at least $1,500 sitting around? Do you have a free evening at some point? Do you like food? Then you may have a chance to buy a dinner with GKR.

And, finally, Ted Berg clarifies the Kiner's Korner story going around the internets yesterday, partially perpetuated by me.

Around MLB

Stephen Strasburg is DL-bound and Rob Dibble thinks that he needs to man up.

The financial statement leaks continue, as the latest shows that the Marlins made $49 million from 2008-2009.

Johnny Damon was claimed by the Boston Red Sox and he is deciding whether or not he wants to return to the city. Damon talked to Jon Heyman which led to this hilarious Tweet. Another big name former Boston outfielder, Manny Ramirez, is likely to be waived this week as well.

I cannot wait for the Bud Selig statue to be unveiled. I hope it's by the same guy who did the Nats' Walter Johnson.

Cliff Lee is good.