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Castillo Walkoff Applesauce - Slappy almost makes up for dropped popup, K-Rod's locker cleaned, next Met GM speculation

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Meet the Mets

Congratulations to Slappy who still probably wants to leave, but managed a walk-off single last night. For one night, at least, the Mets did not stink.

The purging of Francisco Rodriguez has begun; his locker is cleaned out.  Bobby Parnell smells a permanent closer job opening up in the near future.

Jon Heyman lists Pat Gillick, Jon Ricco, Kevin Towers, Wayne Krivsky, and Jon Daniels as potential Omar Minaya replacements.

Chris McShane finds himself actually agreeing with Jerry about Niese's 2010.

Toby Hyde goes through the latest Met draft and gives us his final thoughts.

Oh man, I really want an F! bobblehead now.

The first of hopefully several retro Kiner's Korner features is up, this one with Pete Rose.

Around MLB

Big day for former 2010 Mets. Rod Barajas goes 3 for 4 in his Dodger debut with a homer. Alex Cora gets the call from the Rangers.

The Phillies had an epic 16 inning battle with the Astros that featured Roy Oswalt playing the outfield. Philadelphia also just signed Marlin outcast Nate Robertson.

In waiver wire news: Manny Ramirez will likely be claimed by the White Sox and Johnny Damon has rejected the chance to return to Boston.

Carlos Marmol may set the record for K/9 innings.

Also some news from the owner statue department: Bud Selig's statue is unveiled and George Steinbrenner's is planned.

Sammy Sosa is peeved that the Cubs haven't retired his number yet. I wouldn't hold your breath Sammy.

An Army skydiving exhibition went a little awry at a Texas Ranger game. No one was hurt, except for this guy's pride.

And, finally, 8th grade Cal Ripken Jr. explains why he wants to be a baseball player.