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Moral Victory Applesauce - Mets fight back, fall to Marlins, Parnell not closer, Castillo not starter

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Meet the Mets

On a night when there weren't supposed to be any fans at the game, the Mets teased the Citi Field crowd and SNY viewers with a comeback that failed to materialize, losing to a team that has gotten remarkably similar results with shockingly less money.

Jerry is not ready to anoint Bobby Parnell the closer yet. Jerry has also managed to tick off Luis Castillo, who is upset about losing his starting job to Ruben Tejada.

Ted Berg points out that Angel Pagan's numbers are surprisingly similar to Angel Pagan's past numbers.

Jenrry Mejia is starting to exert his dominance again on minor leaguers. Mark Cohoon is shaping up nicely as well.

Around MLB

The Braves had a 10-1 lead over Colorado, but the Rockies did more than what the Mets couldn't, they won 12-10.

Florida has an interactive 3D seat chart for their new stadium. It's pretty fun.

Stephen Strasburg's arm injury is all too familiar to Joe Posnanski who says that these types of injuries are only to be expected for young pitchers.

Meanwhile, Nats fans are going to be without the pleasure of watching Nyjer Morgan and Rob Dibble for a while. Morgan was suspended 7 games for throwing a ball into the Philadelphia crowd. Dibble is conveniently taking a vacation after criticizing Strasburg's testicular fortitude.

Former Pirate Jose Batista wishes that the Pirates spent more and won more. Not so fast. Any further spending does not guarantee wins and it certainly does not help profitability.