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Pitching's Turn to Collapse Applesauce - Met bullpen implodes, Mejia coming soon, Beltran staying

Meet the Mets

So, that happened.

Clearly, what this team needs is Manny. They can't shed Beltran, so why not double down on it for a few weeks.

Omar Minaya is living in fantasy land or Oliver Perez has incriminating photos of him because there is no way that Perez is ever going to "bounce back." Don't tell that to this fan though.

In minor league pitching news, Jenrry Mejia may be getting the call up real soon. Also, 17 year old Juan Urbina has had a rough season, but there is still plenty to be excited about.

Gary Carter sat down and talked with David Brown about his new coaching job at Palm Beach Atlantic.

Around MLB

Albert Pujols hit his 400th home run last night against newly called up Jordan Zimmermann.

The Braves are looking to call up first base prospect Freddie Freeman.

There is a chance that Ricky Nolasco will return to the Marlins this season.

A Phillies fan involved in the whole Nyjer Morgan ball throwing incident insists that Morgan's toss was playful and not meant to harm anyone.

Lookout Landing has fun at Casey Kotchman's expense.

And, finally, be sure to check out garik16's evaluation of Tim Wakefield over at Beyond the Box Score.

Outside MLB

The man who invented the stackable chair has passed away at the age of 86.