Mets Community Prospect List 2010: #8

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Amazin' Avenue Mets Community Prospect List. Every poll will include eight candidates for the next spot on the list, as well as a separate group of testers. Testers will be rotated into polls with each new installation, replacing each poll's winner and any name that's not getting votes. After a few rounds, if a candidate on the ballot receives a decidedly low vote total , they'll be replaced on the ballot by a tester. But for the first couple polls, I won't remove candidates with these low totals.

After the poll, Darrell Ceciliani is the choice for #7 prospect in the Mets' system with 23% of the votes.. Replacing him in the poll is Brad Holt, and Armando Rodriguez has been added to the testers. To recap:

  1. Wilmer Flores
  2. Kirk Nieuwenhuis
  3. Reese Havens
  4. Matt Harvey
  5. Jeurys Familia
  6. Lucas Duda
  7. Darrell Ceciliani
  8. ???

The contenders:

Cesar Puello (19) A RF .292/.375/.359, 469 PAs

Aderlin Rodriguez (18) R (K) 3B .300/.337/.536, 243 PAs

Juan Urbina (17) R (G) SP 48.1 IP, 5.03 ERA, 54 H, 14 BB, 38 K, 5 HR

Zach Lutz (24) AA 3B .286/.393/.583, 243 PAs

Dillon Gee (24) AAA SP 151.2 IP, 4.87 ERA, 161 H, 36 BB, 150 K, 22 HR

Sean Ratliff (23) AA OF .338/.385/.624, 261 PAs (242 at A+)

Cory Vaughn (21) A- OF .306/.399/.546, 271 PAs

Brad Holt (23) A+ SP 56.2 IP, 7.15 ERA, 58 H, 46 BB, 50 K, 4 HR (30.0 even worse IP at AA)

Testers: Robert Carson, Jefry Marte, Eric Campbell, Zach Dotson, Josh Satin, Jordany Valdespin, Matt den Dekker, Steven Matz, Kyle Allen, Wilfredo Tovar, Eddie "Ruff Rider" Kunz, Armando Rodriguez

As always, voice opinions for the next ballot spot in the comments, and vote away.

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