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Meh Applesauce - Mets drop opener at Ted's temple, Phillips on Wilpons, Francoeur's anxiety

Meet the Mets

Turner Field continues to be cursed territory for the Mets, but this season is so far gone it seems the team shares my inability to get worked up for a series against the division-leading Bravos.

Steve Phillips speaking on something that he actually may know something about: the Wilpon business model, saying that the Mets set out to simply break even and make profits in playoff years. A balanced budget is just not enough, however, for Joe Janish who wants the team to spend more.

Jeff Francoeur's not-goodness a result of anxiety?

Nick Evans and Dillon Gee continue to show that they are better than Jeff Francoeur and Oliver Perez.

Around MLB

Ryan Howard is going back to Philadelphia to have his ankle examined.

National pitcher Jordan Zimmermann is throwing rocks tonight.

In a guest spot at Tedquarters, Patrick Flood answers Ted's age-old question of what would a team of Mark McGwires do?

No Met made an appearance in BtB's worst players in baseball, so that's something.

Carlos Delgado may end up being a hot commodity.

This is what happens when umpires mess up the infield fly rule.

Outside MLB

Sylvester Stallone has signed on to write the screenplay about Rinku and Dinesh, the two Indian-born, reality celebrity, Pirate prospects.