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Rat Poison Applesauce - Burgos makes more news, Mets without Reyes, Mejia gets start at Buffalo, Olerud and Davis

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Meet the Mets

Taking two out of three from Houston is not the worst thing in the world, but it certainly would have been nice had the Mets given some help to Johan. Looking forward to this week's Braves' series, the Mets will not have Reyes to start. They won't have Jason Bay either, but the left fielder has been cleared to begin some physical activity

Matt Pignataro says that the Mets aren't thrilled with the three main managerial replacement possibilities, Joe Torre, Bob Melvin, and Wally Backman, but they are certain that Manuel is not the answer. On a somewhat related note, Brooklyn clinching their division can only help Backman's chances.

Jenrry Mejia will start tonight for Buffalo

Lots of news regarding former Mets over the weekend. Most interestingly, Ambiorix Burgos has been accused of kidnapping and poisoning his ex-wife with rat poison. That is all kinds of classy. Apparently Darryl Strawberry makes a sandwich that is certainly more delicious than rat poison (that is what I call a transistion). And, finally, the Daily News catches up with Matt Franco.

Ike Davis may remind people of John Olerud, but he's still just a rookie and has a long way to go to get to Olerud status.

RA Dickey's knuckleball, which he has thrown 80% of the time this season, is one of the main reasons for his new found success.

Around MLB

Nyjer Morgan continues to find ways to cause trouble, this time crashing into the Cardinals catcher and getting benched by Jim Riggleman for his own protection.

Livan Hernandez got a one year extension with the Nats.

Manny Ramirez's time in Los Angeles is done and he will join the White Sox. Ramirez's last game with the Dodgers was brief, 1 pitch and an ejection

The White Sox, meanwhile, were busy honoring Frank Thomas over the weekend.

Albert Pujols received the First Annual Glenn Beck Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence.

Aroldis Chapman appears to be ready to be in the Reds bullpen.

And, finally, sad news as Bob Feller is being treated for leukemia.