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Mejia Brings Hope Applesauce - Mets lose in Atlanta, Jenrry's sparkling AAA debut, Dickey & US Open

Meet the Mets

Jeff Wilpon traveled all the way to Atlanta to stand around near the Met dugout and watch his team fall to 11 games behind the Braves. That sounds about right. But, the bigger, more important story was happening up in Buffalo: Jenrry Mejia 8 innings, 1 run, 9 Ks

Keith Hernandez didn't join the Met firesale crowd, led by the Daily News' Tim Smith, but he doesn't think that it would hurt to see if there are any offers out there for Wright and Reyes. Ted Berg takes a similar stand on the issue here.

RA Dickey is getting mentioned more frequently as people's favorite Met and expressing his desire to be a U.S. Open ball boy (but loving his beard too much to do it) can only help his cause.

The Mets plan to have Daniel Murphy play some winter ball.

Who said Kirk Nieuwenhuis can't play center field?

Around MLB

The Stephen Strasburg fallout continues as MASN announced that fat loudmouth Rob Dibble will not be making the next Nats roadtrip. Former pitching phenom Mark Prior also weighed in on the injury, saying that the Nationals are not to blame for this.

Manny Ramirez is now officially a member of the White Sox. Ramirez's acquisition gave Ken Rosenthal a chance to get on his soapbox and sanctimoniously say that Manny's behavior should keep him out of the Hall of Fame.

El Duque, who had been pitching for the Nationals' AA affiliate, left the club suddenly after learning that he would not be earning a roster spot with Washington. Hernandez had pitched well so far this season with a 1.86 ERA in six appearances.

The Reds have brought up Aroldis Chapman to give their bullpen a shot in the arm. Once there, he will learn how to Riverdance to impress his manager.

Met killer Luis Ayala has been signed by the Rockies.