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Wrath of Francoeur Applesauce - Mets nip Braves, Bay's concussion improving, DiMaggio's army records

Meet the Mets

Jeff Francoeur got to enjoy his return to Atlanta, hitting a game-winning home run off of former Met and currently dominating closer Billy Wagner. Don't worry though, he still sucks. Let's still enjoy the win and bask in the gnashing of Braves fans' teeth.

All that last night's win did was prolong the inevitable, keeping Francouer on the team and the Mets' heads above water.

Jason Bay is feeling a little better but the Mets are apparently stressing caution after the Ryan Church concussion mess.

I can't tell if Joe Petruccio's depiction of Wally Backman is supposed to make me want the guy as manager or not, but I nevertheless can enjoy it as a great cartoon.

Around MLB

Ryan Howard has been put on the DL.

New Brave outfielder Rick Ankiel hasn't totally dismissed a return to pitching. I mean, the guy is a lefty, there's no way that he wouldn't get a chance to go in the bullpen at least.

There was a time when cigarettes were good for you and their smoothness made you a better fisherman and baseball player. There was also a time when Joe DiMaggio was regarded as a class act and a hero.

The Cubs' Casey Coleman has become MLB's first-ever third generation big league pitcher.

Mark Prior has signed on with the Orange County Flyers.

Outside MLB

NBC announcer Mary Carillo describes her experience with badminton in an amazing 2004 rant.