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Hey, They Didn't Lose Applesauce - Bay not close to field, Met second base void, Torre

My thanks to Eric for stepping up on short notice yesterday. In case you were worried, the puppies made it out alright and I am currently nursing them as I type.

Meet the Mets

No baseball last night means no depressing Met loss to moan and groan about this morning. In fact, let's try and be happy about our team today and here are ten things to think about to accomplish it. 

Now that that's through, let's get down to the truly horrific state of affairs that is the Mets. For example, Jason Bay is not even close to returning from his concussion. Or, how about Fred Wilpon hinting that Omar won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

If that's not enough, all we really have to do is look at the black hole of talent that is second base made infinitely better by Alex Cora's contract.

So, before you go jumping off any bridge, I'll give you some of the happier/less horrible news. For one thing, we can always imagine what an Oliver Perez reality show would be like. Or hope that Fernando Martinez is still young enough to become something special

And, before we finish with the Met news, here are two random stories worthy of your attention. First, Mike Francesa thinks that Joe Torre might be a candidate for the Met job. And, Pedro feels shafted by the Met front office after 2009.

Around MLB

Atlanta continues to be awesome, this time topping Tim Lincecum and the Giants. Meanwhile, the Phillies get a win courtesy of Bob Davidson

Stephen Strasburg is reportedly healthy and ready to go.

Cartoon Ramon Castro looks strangely like real Ramon Castro.

Brandon Webb is attempting a comeback as a reliever

And, finally, Joe Maddon is tired of playing in a gimmick.