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PR Incompetents Applesauce - Mets continue to embarrass themselves, sanctimony abounds, Brooklyn advances

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Meet the Mets

Another day, another chance to get really ticked off at the three "bums" for skipping out on Walter Reed. Leading the way in sanctimony, as usual, is Mike Lupica. Joel Sherman says that this mess is, once again, all Omar's fault for signing the disgraces. But, you know what? Scratchbomb nails it: the Mets are a mess because of how they deal with situations like this and treating players like Carlos Beltran. Andy Martino, also, is a lone voice in the cesspool that is the MSM and dares to bring up the ethnicity thing. And, last link about this, be sure to read the excellent post by Dave Singer, a vet himself, on this.

Believe it or not, there is other Met news. Brooklyn has advanced to the Penn League finals with a 6-4 victory over Jamestown.

Ed Hearn gets his day in the Citi Field spotlight tonight as he is being honored for his work with NephCure.

This picture from the Apple cracked me up.

Johan Santana's strikeout rate and rising contact rate are raising eyebrows around SB Nation.

I'd be really curious as to who is the young Met who dared to speak up about the team's lackluster play. Does Chris Carter count as a young Met?

Around MLB

Looks like the 2011 will have a very different nucleus. Jayson Stark says that Nyjer Morgan is almost certainly on his way out and Adam Dunn is tired of two year deals

Placido Polanco will play through the pain caused by a broken elbow.

Javier Vazquez is certainly an intriguing name on this offseason's free agent list.

Andy Pettitte went 4 innings in a rehab start down in Trenton.

Rookie Chris Nelson's eighth inning steal of home gave the Rockies a one-run lead over the Reds and was the deciding factor in Colorado's 7th straight win. It was also Nelson's first career SB.

An autopsy of Jose Lima showed no drug use by the former pitcher.

The Hall of Fame at least claims to be neutral archivists in the whole steroid thing, but it's too bad the writers are not.

And, finally, a Japan-US "World" Series may actually be on the table.