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Amazin' Avenue "R.A. Dickey Face" Contest Update

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The Amazin' Avenue "R.A. Dickey Face" FanShot Contest is into its fourth day and we've had 37 qualified entries so far. The vast majority of them are ridiculously good, and most of the rest are wonderfully awful. As a reminder, the contest closes at 5pm EDT on Wednesday, 9/15, so be sure your FanShot is in by then in order to be included in the semi-final judging. A few reminders, because, despite having explained the rules very clearly (or so I thought), we've still had to send out quite a few e-mails, comments, and site messages to clarify some of those rules.

  • "One entry per user" means one entry per user. Don't submit more than one because only the first one will count. If you already submitted one and then came up with a better idea later on, sorry, we're still using the first entry. Update: Please do not submit additional FanShots even if you acknowledge that they won't be counted. You will potentially be using up ideas that others may yet incorporate. Once the contest is over you can post any additional images you came up with.
  • "You must include a link to the full-size image" means you must include a link to the full-size image. Even if the full-size image is the exact same size as the one in the FanShot you still have to link to the original. We have no idea if the image size was or wasn't reduced by the FanShot-ing process, so if you omit the full-size link then we'll assume you just forgot it, and if it's not in there by 5pm on Wednesday then your entry won't count. I've tried to contact everyone who hasn't included a link, but I'd just as soon not have to.
  • The Dickey images you use must be the ones sanctioned in the announcement post, and you can use more than one of them if you want to.
  • Amazin' Avenue has a two-day waiting period before new users can post anything on the site, so if you're planning on signing up just to post an entry in the contest make sure you leave yourself enough time for your provisional access to flip over to an active account.