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Phillie Enabler Applesauce - Mets drop two to Phils, Santana surgery, Boras calls out Mets

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Meet the Mets

The Mets failed to stop the Phillie march to the division title, dropping two of the weekend three. Carlos Beltran tweaked his knee tendinitis, missing Saturday, but returning in time to be shut out by Roy Oswalt

Saturday's 9/11 anniversary brought only two of the 25 Met players to a Ground Zero firehouse. Where was the rest of the team? Do they hate America and firemen? The anniversary also brought a Mike Piazza video clip to mind

Two more Walter Reed stories to pass along. Bob Raissman writes about the double standard for the entire Yankee team after missing Bob Sheppard's funeral. Also, Dave Singer does an awesome job of calling out Jeff Pearlman for the sanctimony.

In case you hadn't heard, Johan Santana is due for another season ending shoulder surgery.

Game 2 of Brooklyn's playoff series against Tri-City Valley was rained out last night.

Some interesting organizational speculation going around. Andy Martino is not convinced that the Mets will hire either John Ricco or Bobby Valentine. Ken Davidoff, however, thinks that the Bobby thing may be for real.

With Luis Hernandez getting the bulk of the second base time from here on out, it's time to seriously evaluate the position for next year. Ted Berg argues that we are all probably undervaluing Ruben Tejada.

Ike Davis is 7 RBI away from the Met rookie record held by Darryl.

Scott Boras had some strong words for the Met organization and how it's treating Carlos Beltran.

Around MLB

Chipper Jones + hunting + The Outdoor Channel = me wishing I had cable.

Count Tony La Russa as a Bobby Cox admirer.

Bill Baer explains to the masses why Ike Davis and Jamey Carroll have higher WARs than Ryan Howard.

Jason Marquis will make his scheduled Friday start. Friday is Kol Nidre, the start of Yom Kippur.

The Indians may get more fans to the stadium in the winter than during baseball season.

Looks like the Mets can probably scratch Kevin Towers off their GM list.