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Impotent Offenses Abound Applesauce - Evans walk-off leads Mets, 8,000 fans at Citi

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Meet the Mets

Some guy who found his way off the street and onto the Met bench provided the most offense for all the New York teams last night. Too bad that with the rain and the US Open and the Jets that only 8,000 people saw it

The last few weeks of the season won't show us anything determinative about these young Mets, but it will certainly give us a lot of fodder for speculation. Dillon Gee went out and threw another nice game last night, but how good can he be? Joel Sherman leads the way for the cause of trading away the youth, but doesn't seem to understand the value of solid contributors. I'm not saying that all these guys will pan out, but they're cheap and there is no certainty that the trade targets are going to live up to their reputations either. Jim Keller certainly thinks that Sherman is underselling one Ike Davis. More troubling, however, is Joe Janish's evaluation of Jenrry Mejia's mechanics.

Brooklyn got rained out again; will try tonight.

There's plenty of advice and speculation going around for the immediate future as well. Howard Megdal paints a pretty reasonable picture for his 2011 Met outfield. Matt Cerrone sees three options for the Met front office reforms but can't see how Howard Johnson is back next year.

Oh good, Francisco Rodriguez's assault victim has lawyered up. Hopefully we'll get a lovely civil suit out of this to go along with the criminal charges.

And, finally, Ted Berg doesn't understand how Johan Santana's shoulder surgery is a strong argument for signing Cliff Lee to a massive deal.

Around MLB

Braves fans need to learn how to wash their hands, which is especially gross considering how much they'll be biting their nails as this season wraps up.

The real reason for the Nationals futility? Abraham Lincoln's killers.

Jonah Keri posts an incredible piece on the Rangers' and Nolan Ryan's pitching vision.

Also of note, Bill James takes to Slate and goes all cultural critic on us.

Bobby Cramer, a former substitute teacher, went 5+ innings and earned the win for the Oakland A's in his MLB debut.

The Mariners have fired scouting director Carmen Fusco after Josh Lueke, a minor leaguer included in the Cliff Lee trade, was found to be facing rape and sodomy charges.

The Ninth Circuit has found for the MLBPA on the seizure of the 2003 PED test results.

Tony La Russa whines a lot.