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Amazin' Avenue "R.A. Dickey Face" Contest Ends At 5pm EDT

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Contest closed!

Thanks for all of the entries! We had 61 total submissions (including a few that were disqualified for violating the "one entry per person" rule). You can view every single entry on one page. I'm utterly astonished that a) we got so many people involved, and b) almost every entry was outstanding. Even the bad ones were awesomely bad.

Now comes the hard part, as we will scrutinize every last detail of these brilliant Photoshop/MS Paint/etc. masterpieces to distill the group of 61 down to the five very best submissions, where "best" will be determined by a strikingly complex yet elegant algorithm designed to account for both tangible artistic competence and intangible beauty using the nine-point Bruckwitz-Schlessinger subjective analysis paradigm whatever we feel like. The five finalists will be announced on Monday, 9/20, and the grand prize winner will be selected by the Amazin' Avenue community.


This is the last call for entries into the Amazin' Avenue "R.A. Dickey Face" Contest. Deadline for FanShot submission is 5pm EDT today. Any entries received after that point, stunning though they may be, won't be eligible to win the contest.

We have nearly 50 submissions to date, and almost all of them are outstanding. Even the ones that may lack a professional touch are awesome in a horrible, MS-Paint kind of way.

To put all of the entries into perspective, I threw together this photo montage. Click on any of the icons to bring up the FanShot entry in a new window.

The original contest post can be found here, and a follow-up with rules clarifications can be found here. Be sure to read the comments on both posts as some additional points are clarified therein.

When the contest closes, the writing crew here will whittle the field down to the five best Images, which will then be put to a community vote to determine a winner. The grand prize winner will get a $100 gift card courtesy of State Farm.