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So You're Saying There's A Chance Applesauce - Cyclones eliminated, Mets start streak

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Meet the Mets

Make it two straight for the Mets as they thumped the Bucs 9-1 in front of a depressingly low number of fans

The Cyclones finally got to play, but probably wish they had another rain out as they were eliminated by the Valley Cats. Of course, reporters were more interested in Backman as the next Met manager instead of the actual game. 

While we're talking about potential Met managers, Joe Janish brings up the oft-forgot Tim Teufel. Also, the Cubs are interested in Bob Melvin.

Johan Santana's surgery was a success.

Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran are starting to return to form. In case you were wondering, the Mets could probably get a significant return were they to trade Reyes.

The Francisco Rodriguez story refuses to die, as the deposed Met closer violated his restraining order by repeatedly texting his girlfriend

Some wonderful video to pass along. Here is another installment of Kiner's Korner from Ted Berg and SNY, this one including good stuff on David Cone and 1988. Second, Kerel Cooper found a pretty cool little documentary on Jerry Koosman.

Around MLB

The Phillies may be running past the Braves in the standings, but they certainly haven't been running on the basepaths as much as they used to.

Fredi Gonzalez certainly appears to be the Braves manager in waiting. Priority #1 for the new skipper: getting his fans to wash their hands. Maybe someday, Fredi too will have his face put into a corn maze. I don't envy him the job of replacing Bobby Cox.

Rod Barajas has not been good at throwing runners out.

Joe Morgan gives his unsurprising opinion on the AL Cy Young race.

And, finally, how painful will Ken Burns' 10th Inning be about the whole steroid thing.