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Three Straight Applesauce - Mejia, Havens, Bay injury updates, Met organizational gems, Ricco wants resumes

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Meet the Mets

Huzzah, huzzah. A three game wining streak. It only cost us another Mejia injury. Yesterday was not just about Mejia's boo-boo. It was also about another possible back surgery for Reese Havens. Toby Hyde is unsure that the surgery is necessary at this point, though. Oh, and in the least surprising injury news of the day: Jason Bay is not likely to return in 2010.

Patrick Flood has a bittersweet homage column to Jose Reyes that worries about the latest set of trade rumors surrounding the Met shortstop.

But, let's look at the future and be optimistic for a change and what better way to do that than by celebrating the 2010 Sterling Award winners

Another good way to be happy about the team is Carlos Beltran's rounding into form.

There are also two videos that will make you happy. First, John Ricco takes to public access to recruit for the 2011 Mets. And, finally, Kerel Cooper finds an old Gary Carter Ivory soap ad.

Around MLB

The Phillies now have a semi-comfortable perch atop the NL East and have an immense amount of excitement for this year's playoffs. Groan.

Biz of Baseball ranks San Jose as the #1 potential MLB market

Lookout Landing implores his fellow bloggers to not rely on incomplete information and jump to conclusions after the whole Carmen Fusco thing.

Joe Saunders is exactly who we all thought he was.

The protest over Arizona's immigration law continues.

Ball Four is forty years old, but having just read it this summer, is as relevant and entertaining as ever.