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As Season Winds Down, Mets Turn To Spam E-mail

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I subscribe to a mass e-mail list. The e-mails have increased in frequency of late and usually contain some kind of Mets news or offer (examples: announcing Angel Pagan as Roberto Clemente Award nominee, a contest to throw out the first pitch, an offer for a Citi Field wine tasting). Harmless messages which keep fans informed about Mets promotions. I didn't mind receiving them. That is, until today. Here is the entirety of the e-mail I received this morning:


Seriously, Mets? A straight-up spam advertisement with a Mets logo stuck on the bottom? And it's a misleading ad at that. I checked the box marked "yes" next to "would you like to receive commercial e-mails from the Mets", but I didn't think it would descend into this. It only registers like a three on the Mets fan rage scale (one being John Olerud, ten being Carl Everett). Still, it's an instant unsubscribe.