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Over .500 Applesauce - Mets look for winning season, Mejia healthier than feared, Mark Cohoon=Mark Buehrle

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Meet the Mets

The Mets completed a four-game sweep of the dreadful Pirates, despite some incredibly bizarre weather. The victory gave Mike Pelfrey 15 wins, for what that's worth. The game also featured an amazing catch by Angel Pagan, which earned high praise from Jason Fry and Applesauce's very first picture. Also, if you didn't make it out last night because of the weather, the Mets will honor your ticket any game of the Sept. 27-30 series against the Brewers.

More good news last night: Jenrry Mejia's injury is not as bad as previously thought and he will play winter ball.

Kevin Burkhardt spoke with Mark Cohoon during last night's broadcast. Patrick Flood predicts that Cohoon will make the 2011 starting rotation.

Snooki is a Met fan

Luis Castillo predicts that he will be sent packing this offseason

Ted Berg describes his interview with Chris Carter and his realization that MLB players need to be PR experts as well because the press will jump on anything.

Why not Lee Mazzilli as manager?

Around MLB

Former San Francisco Giant and NL MVP Kevin Mitchell has been arrested for assault after an altercation at a golf club.

Joe Posnanski has some good stuff up. First, he has a great feature story on White Sox GM Kenny Williams. Second, he offers his take on the whole Derek Jeter acting thing.

Alex Remington also has a good perspective on the Jeter incident.

St. Louis GM John Mozeliak insists that Colby Rasmus isn't going anywhere.

The San Francisco Giants WAR and payroll in graph form.