The worst game you've been to?

Folks, its almost over. The Mets offer us a 4th season full of misery and futility in a row. The outlook for 2011 is partly sunny at best. And all this bad play got me thinking. Well, got me thinking with the help of an old nemesis.

Bobby Cox recently spoke in a Daily News article that hes "got a soft sport for New York." I bet he does. The Bravos have essentially owned the Mets since the 1990s rolled around. The team that we couldn't beat and kept us from rising to great things, except that time in 2000. And so history repeats itself. The Braves are good again and the Mets are flailing toward the bottom of the division.

But Bobby got me thinking about the worst game i ever went to that, coincidently, featured his Braves.

This should be some what cathartic or will just nose dive our sub-conscience into a deeper, darker realm of feelings to whom ever you choose. Lets begin with the pain and misery.

My family moved to Charlotte,NC in 1998. Dad got a job with Bank of America and it was a good opportunity. So we all packed up and moved from Matawan,New Jersey down to dixie. It was hard. Culture shock,goofy accents, and i missed simple things like White Castle(still miss it) and Utz chips/pretzels(recently arrived!!!!!).

But i missed my sports most of all. I could still watch the Mets since TBS and TNT played Braves games all the time. So i was gauranteed to see them. Seeing them live was difficult. 4 hours away compared to 1and a half by train back in NJ. Truly awful. My dad hated this concept as well. He vowed we'd go when the time was right.

1999 came and new baseball was here. The Mets battled and reach the playoffs. The mets win the first round with the most glorious of home runs by Todd Pratt.

5 minutes after-my dad decrees this is our time to visit Atlanta.

Mets v. Atlanta-playoffs. We get tickets for game 2. Tickets in hand we made the trip down. Mets gear fully worn, down to the Mr.Met t-shirt. We were pumped and ready to take names in victory

All was well except for the 6th inning.

When kenny rogers gave up 2 home runs.

its all the braves needed. John Rocker came in toward the end and got out of a pickle in the 8th. It was over.

Dejected we cursed and made our way to the exits. Only to be confronted by NBC 4 New York.

NBC wanted a reaction by some Mets fans. It wasn't pretty. My dad cursed a few times and we got asked to redo it. So we did this time with no "God Damn You Kenny Rogers." I said to the cameramen and news reporter"there is only one thing we can do, sweep them at Shea. SWEEP 'EM AT SHEA!"

I made it on the big tv in Times Square according to a few family members who work in NYC. It was no consolation.

We,as you all know, did not sweep them at Shea.

link to bobbys story on daily news here:Bobby's reflection

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