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Gut Reaction Thread

Going with your gut, and not looking at stats, pick which of the two choices you prefer in the pairs below. Post it in the comments. Tip: copy and paste the whole list into a comment, then delete the second place finishers.

Mike Piazza or David Wright
FanGraphs or Baseball-Reference
1969 Mets or 1986 Mets
Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise
Doc or Dwight
Drive to the game or take public transportation to the game
Martin Scorsese or Steven Spielberg
Omar Minaya or Steve Phillips
Hot tub in winter or pool/ocean in summer
Wally Backman or Tim Teufel
Rihanna or Katy Perry
David Cone or Al Leiter
Shea Stadium or Citi Field
Law & Order or Law & Order:SVU
1999 Mets or 2000 Mets
Bruce Willis or Arnold Schwarzenegger
Willie Randolph or Jerry Manuel
Puppy Avenue or PokéMets