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Duda Abides Applesauce - Mets fall in Duda debut, more Francoeur reactions, Nyjer Morgan loses it

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Meet the Mets

The Mets started September in remarkably similar fashion to their August, by getting one hit through 7 innings and losing 4-1 to Atlanta. But, at least you got to see Lucas Duda's MLB debut and Jerry mock the Met outfield defense that he threw out there. This is the same Manuel, by the way, who has made several of the dumbest moves of the year in all of baseball

There's been a lot written about the Jeff Francouer trade. Toby Hyde gives us an idea of what to expect from Joaquin Arias. Patrick Flood writes that it's our fault if we are disappointed in Frenchy's time with the Mets. Francouer is a direct piece from the Lastings Milledge trade, a move that is still having consequences for the Nats and Mets.

Possibly the best consequence of trading Francoeur is that Lucas Duda gets a shot, a guy whose minor league stat line is oddly similar, and in some respects better than, Chase Utley's. In case you had gotten confused with all the minor league transactions, here's a quick list

Jenrry Mejia is excited for Saturday, but Mets ownership (not just their GM) thinks that you can't go young

Mike Hessman's time with the Mets is certainly unique among the team's history. The closest comparison is Eli Marrero.

Around MLB

Crazy night for Nats fans. Nyjer Morgan continues to implode, stealing second and third base (while down 11 runs) after getting hit by a pitch (in retaliation for another dive into a catcher) and sparking a benches clearing brawl following a pitch behind him. I personally like the stealing second and third, retaliation through your play, but fights and more problems with the fans have caused some Nats fans to call for Morgan's departure. Oh yeah, and Rob Dibble is done.

Busy night for the Marlins too. After letting Ricky Nolasco pitch with a knee injury, Florida has shut him down for the season. That makes room for Jorge Sosa.

Brian McCann is good. So is Carlos Gonzalez.

Manny Ramirez will have to shave his dreadlocks in order to comply with the White Sox personal appearance rules.

Finally, Jason Fry of Faith and Fear and writes about the difference between bloggers and mainstream media members when it comes to steroid speculation.