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NL East Elimination Applesauce - Mets wild card hopes next, Torre open to Mets, NY uninterested

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Meet the Mets

This may have been Bobby Cox's final trip to New York, but it certainly felt like a lot of the previous ones. His Brave team eliminated the Mets from the NL East competition (a mere formality, but still) earning himself a bottle of Tom Seaver's wine and keeping his team alive in the division. So much for the Mets as spoilers.

The Mets have now given up 12 grand slams, the most since the 2000 Expos. They are still waiting for their first. Where is Rey Ordonez when you need him. Although, they could also talk to Robin Ventura.

Ken Davidoff thinks that there could be a market for Carlos Beltran during the offseason.

Two interesting player performances from the weekend. Dillon Gee continues to impress, allowing 3 runs over 7innings and taking pictures that make him look like Rick Reed. Also, in what one would hope is his last Met at bat, Luis Hernandez breaks his foot and hits a home run.

A source close to Joe Torre says the former Dodger skipper would be open to returning to the Mets. The Mets, apparently want someone with "more fire". Is there any way that Wally Backman is not the next Met manager?

Around MLB

The good news is that the Mets are not as bad as the Dodgers who are contractually required to hand the reigns over to hitting coach Don Mattingly.

The Phillies overcame a 6-3 9th inning deficit to beat Drew Storen and the Nationals, winning their seventh straight game. Oft-injured Chipper Jones wonders what could have been if his Brave team had stayed healthy.

The law student in me cringes when my studies cross over into the baseball world, but this is actually really interesting: a potential Johnny Cueto-Jason LaRue law suit after LaRue retired from Cueto's concussion-causing kick.

A.J. Burnett has a black eye and won't say anything about it. It has to be a bar fight, right?

Nyjer Morgan is trying to rehabilitate his image, giving the Philadelphia fan who was the target of his outfield toss the VIP treatment.

Octavio Dotel to the Rockies.


And, finally, the Reds' playoff push has apparently earned Dusty Baker a contract extension, one that he hasn't signed yet.